Are you ready to start enjoying parenting more and lose the guilt?

Have you struggled to find energy for your day?

Do you have physical pain that keeps you from really participating in your day?

Are you worried about your kids health and wellbeing?

Do you lay awake at night feeling guilty about what you did or didn’t do?

Do you feel as though you aren’t truly connecting with your kids, in a deep and meaningful way?

Sure you knew parenting wasn’t an easy job, that raising kids is hard work, but you had no idea it would be so physically and mentally demanding.  It’s tough to feel present with your kids when you’re exhausted, mentally drained, and often experiencing backaches, headaches or other physical pain.  

You wonder where your patience went but figure it must have eloped with your energy (and you’re pretty sure they took off with any libido you had left).

When you envisioned life as a parent, did it include lying awake each night struggling with guilt? Oh the guilt!  Did it include struggling with exhaustion (even after the baby years), frustration and feeling not yourself?

Don’t get me wrong, you love your kids so fiercely that it takes your breath away and is hard to even articulate how deep the love goes.  Its just that you know there has to be a better way, a more joy and energy filled way to this parenting gig.  You know that you can get there, you’re just not entirely sure how.

Well Mama, you are NOT alone and you can change your experience! Wahoo!!!

You simply need a new perspective to change your experience into something that you can embrace and find more joy and energy in.

       Now imagine:

  • waking each morning with energy, both in body and mind

  • climbing into bed at night feeling deep joy in how the day went

  • gaining a deeper understanding of your life’s experiences

  • having frequent moments of deep connection with each member of your family

  • responding with thought rather than reacting with anger

  • regaining that intimate connection with your spouse

  • feeling confident in your choices (even late at night, the time we’re hardest on ourselves)

Alright so lets get to the question I know you’re asking- how do I help you achieve that!?

The cheeky answer is with every way I know how!  Honestly, I do use any information, skill, and toolset that I feel will benefit you.  My main tools are the principles of energy medicine.  This includes, but is not limited to, the BodyTalk system.  Energy medicine has been profoundly life changing for me and my family.  The only way to truly become a better parent is to begin to become the best you, both physically and mentally.  This allows you to have the energy to interact with your children (and partner) in a healthy manner, rather than an exhausted reactive manner.

In addition to helping with physical wellness, I add clarity to what you are experiencing. I help parents achieve more peaceful relationships and a deeper sense of connection with their children. I provide answers and useful tools.  Most importantly, I help you achieve a change of perspective.

Once your perception changes, so does everything else, including your experience of parenting.

So what can you do now? You have a couple of options:

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